Laser-Engraved Eyewear Retainer




With KORKZ, KEEZ and KOASTERZ, we provide an infinite canvas for your creative palette. From whimsical to austere, the possibilities are endless. And once you’ve tapped your brilliant inspirations, simply apply them to our equally impressive floating sunglasses cables, stainless steel key rings and cork coasters. Need some guidance? Check out our image gallery for lots of cool design ideas.

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Finally, a sunglasses retainer that ticks the boxes: 

COMFORT because the lightweight cork rests on the nape of your neck and rolls when you do.

PERFORMANCE because the 100% natural cork offers floatation without a bulky lanyard. 

VIBE because nothing generates more O.T.C. (Oh, that’s cool!) than the original KORKZ floating retainer.

That’s nice, but what else ya got?

How about precision customization via laser engraving without using inks that run and fade? 

How about the freedom to design your own KORKZ…just submit your artwork?

How about dealing with real people, in real time…whenever you need to discuss your order?

How about... you’re thrilled with your purchase or your money back?

Custom wine cork floating sunglasses retainer

All images print on both sides. Custom KORKZ can use 1 image per side or 2 different ones.

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Why should your sunglasses have all the fun?! Now you can state your case with a KEEZ keyring! You can choose from plenty of pre-engraved KEEZ options, or make your own by submitting your text or image in our easy-to-use shop page.


The cool thing about KORKZ is…the cork.


That’s why KEEZ.

We’ve taken a nondescript item and infused it with cool. Now you can make it even cooler with your own design. Set yourself apart from the crowd, exhibit your team spirit, or simply announce your affinity for wine.

And don’t forget…there’s flotation at play here. So if you’re inclined to carelessly sling your keys around while fishing from a pier (or you actually own a boat, jet ski or yacht)…KEEZ are ideal for life in and around water. And not just any water: we use a stainless steel cable that prevents rust from salt air and sea. 

So if you’re looking to treat yourself and your friends to a quality key ring that exudes seaworthy cool…


Congratulations; you found us.


All images print on both sides. Custom KEEZ can use 1 image per side or 2 different ones.

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Turn any occasion into a memorable one with customized KOASTERZ. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries,  and corporate events — or just to add some personalized pizazz to your home decor. Natural cork provides a soft landing for glasses and cups while protecting your furniture from messy drips. 


KOASTERZ measure 4" x 1/4" and come branded (laser engraved) with your preferred graphic, logo or tagline.


KOASTERZ can even be engraved on both sides …terrific for his/hers, team rivals or trivia questions/answers.



Because we don’t skimp. We use quality materials.

Because this ain’t our first rodeo. We’ve produced thousands of KOASTERZ

Because we apply Mom & Pop attention to detail. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Because we play by your rules. Your creativity, your art and your personal touch is applied to our blank slate.

Get serious, or whimsical. Stay classy, or show some crass. And if you get stuck for ideas, drop us a line and we’ll bail you out. (We’ve seen it all.)

As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, KOASTERZ are absolutely perfect for the home bar, man cave or she shed. 

All images print on one side only. 


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