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Laser-Engraved Floating Eyewear Retainer

KORKZ with Custom Text
KORKZ with Your Logo

All images print on both sides. Custom KORKZ can use 1 image per side or 2 different ones.

Melissa Ramos

BEST PRODUCT! Such a great gift for any occasion - love the customization capabilities! CEO couldn’t be nicer. Functional, durable, and definitely a great conversation piece!

Johnny Jennings

The Korkz merchandise is customizable and amazing! We have placed 2 orders - the quality is awesome and turn around time is fast. GREAT job Korkz!

Lisa Driver, MI

I bought my first KORKZ three years ago at Whalebone Surf Shop in the Outer Banks. Loved it. Saved my glasses many times on the boat and got lots of compliments. I appreciate your commitment to customer service and I love your product.

All images print on both sides. Custom KORKZ can use 1 image per side or 2 different ones.


Finally, a sunglasses retainer that ticks the boxes: 

COMFORT because the lightweight cork rests on the nape of your neck and rolls when you do.

PERFORMANCE because the 100% natural cork offers floatation without a bulky lanyard. 

VIBE because nothing generates more O.T.C. (Oh, that’s cool!) than the original KORKZ floating retainer.

That’s nice, but what else ya got?

How about precision customization via laser engraving without using inks that run and fade? 

How about the freedom to design your own KORKZ…just submit your artwork?

How about dealing with real people, in real time…whenever you need to discuss your order?

How about... you’re thrilled with your purchase or your money back?

custom wine cork sunglass strap

Need some guidance?

Check out our image gallery for lots of cool design ideas.

KORKZ Custom Floating Eyewear Retainers
Custom Engraved Wine Cork Keyring


Why should your sunglasses have all the fun? Now you can state your case with a personal key tag! Your brand is sure to get noticed, whether en route or just hanging at the gym. So grab your KEEZ, get your "thank you" speech warmed up, and start getting noticed today!

Custom Wine Cork Sunglasses



We are passionate about not losing our eyewear OR our car keys, and would like to save yours. We also love to talk shop, so shoot us a line at, or call us at 910.538.4400. We look forward to hearing from you!

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